Recent publication

In a recently published paper we studied the relationship between egg size and body size in annual and non-annual killifishes. See:

Accepted manuscript

A manuscript presenting the results of analysis of the relationship between brain size and vulnerability to extinction in mammals was accepted today in Evolution! This was a collaborative project with Manuela González-Suárez now at University of Reading in the UK, and Carles Vilà, and Eloy Revilla from the Estación Biológica de Doñana in Seville, Spain. We used phylogenetic path analysis to look at the direct and indirect relationships between brain size, body size, life history traits, population density and vulnerability to extinction.

Research project

A PAPIIT research project – a UNAM research funding scheme – was recently awarded to Alejandro to study the historical biogeography of a tropical family of frogs. This could be an interesting PhD research project. Contact us if you are interested.