Diversification and phenotypic evolution in Neotropical amphibians

We are analyzing phenotypic evolution, diversification and biogeography of the Caribbean radiation of the Eleutherodactylus family of direct developing frogs. Also, in collaboration with Ariel Rodríguez we are studying the evolution of calls in Cuban Eleutherodactylus. The long-term aim is to be able to present a holistic analysis of the radiation combining the influence of ecological adaptation and sexual selection.

Relationship between life-history, physiology and behavior


In collaboration with Björn Rogell, we are studying how differences in longevity affect life-history, physiology and behavior using killifish as a model system. This project combines experiments in the laboratory with phylogenetic comparative methods.

Evolution of brain size


We are studying the factors that influence species differences in relative brain size (controlling for body size) using different model systems. We are interested both in the selective factors favoring enlarged brain size as well as the life-history correlates of enlarged brain size.

Development of novel phylogenetic comparative methods


In collaboration with Achaz von Hardenberg, we are developing different approaches to undertake confirmatory path analysis in an explicitly phylogenetic framework.